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Friday, 8 September 2017

Are you ready? 1 year remaining until the mandatory amendment of articles to comply with the company law reform in Luxembourg.

The reform of the company law in July 2016, supposed the major step in the development of the Luxembourg company legal framework, which allow the country to consolidate its reputation as providing a flexible, business-friendly and secure corporate environment.

As regards the company law reform, it is worth pointing out that all existing Luxembourg companies are required to amend their articles of association to reflect the changes introduced by the New Law prior to 23 August 2018.

During this period, the current legislation will remain applicable to all provisions of the articles of association while the New Law will apply to all matters not mentioned in the articles of association. After such period, any provision in the articles of association contrary to the New Company Law shall be deemed unwritten and the mandatory rules under the legislation will apply. For any new company incorporated after 23 August 2016, the New Law shall automatically apply in its entirety.

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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

10 easy questions to avoid the investment on 'bucket shops'

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The term 'bucket shops' define informally those entities that offer and provide investment services without being authorized to do it. They are dangerous because in most cases the apparent provision of such services is just a cover to appropriate the capital of their victims, making them believe that they are making a high-return investment.

The high yields they offer are often too good to be true; they are just the bait with which they get the less informed or more confident investors to give them their savings.

The origin of the term 'bucket shop' has nothing to do with financial markets, as the term originated from England in the 1820s. During the 1820s, street urchins drained beer kegs which were discarded from public houses. The street urchins would take the dregs to an abandoned shop and drink them. This practice became known as bucketing, and the location at which they drained the kegs became known as a bucket shop. The idea was transferred to illegal brokers because they too sought to profit from sources too small or too unreliable for legitimate brokers to handle. The term bucket shop came to apply to low-class pseudo stock brokerages that did not execute trades. Wikipedia

As a professional in the legal and financial field, here I introduce to you some easy questions to avoid the investment in bucket shops or the wrong investment firm because is not only about investing with entities out of the legality, which tries to deceive the investor, is also find an authorized and solvent entities with the best skills or values in financial management.

1 -  How did you get my name and my phone number? Why have they contacted me?

Be wary of the following alarm signals and frequent techniques:

  • Unexpected calls or emails.
  • The urgency of investment.
  • Personal affinity.
  • Entrance bonuses.
  • Pyramid schemes in which you are asked to also capture customers.
  • Psychological pressure to take an immediate decision.
  • Mention or use of the public authorities or supervisors logo. Remember that the public authorities would never invite you to make an investment.

2 - Where is your entity registered? Are they supervised by any public financial institution? Are they attached to any investment guarantee fund?

Verify that the entity is authorized and that the company has not been subject to a warning by the public authorities or other supervisors. In case of doubt, consult them.

3 - How long have they been in this business? What is your professional experience? Is there a financial institution that can give me references of your entity?

Adopt an active attitude. Ask questions about the service and investment features that are being proposed. Get written information.

4 - Does this investment match my objectives? Is it right for me?

Be wary of high returns without risk. Be wary of complex products. Do not invest in what you do not understand.

5 - What are the characteristics and risks of the product? How much can I lose and in what circumstances?

It is important to be clear about all the characteristics and risks of the product before you commit capital. The investor needs time to decide and has the right to express and get answers to all their doubts. However, some entities pressure the victim to obtain an immediate response, without giving him the opportunity to reflect.

It is a common tactic of bad reputation entities to confuse the investor and make him feel ignorant so that he can trust them without questioning his arguments. In this sense, no question can be improper or relevant when it comes to how to invest your money.

Also very important, get written information about the firm, the service and the characteristics of the investment products.

6 - How long should I keep investing? What is the liquidity of the product?, How and under what conditions can I recover the capital if necessary?

If you can not get your money back, do not continue making contributions.

7 - What fees do I have to pay for your services? How are they calculated? Can you send me a copy of the tariffs in force?

Pay always attention to commissions and expenses.

8 - How and how often will I receive information about my investment?

9 - Could you send me a written and detailed explanation of the proposed investment to meditate on it calmly and discuss it with an independent expert? Would you mind explaining the investment in a meeting that I could go to with my lawyer or some trusted financial expert?

10 - What mechanisms I have to claim my rights as investor?

Remember, adopt always an active attitude about your investments and in case of doubt, contact with the public authorities or supervisors.

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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Why I love August for hustling and not for holiday.

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August is the traditional time when everything slow-down, the offices are more empty, the emails replies "out of office" turn on, and everybody is on the beach and drinking mojitos. So at this time you can just enjoy the summer or take the advantage to hustle and get ready for last part of the year.

I remember well the summer of 2014, I was working for an important bank and it was the first time in my career that I spent all the summer working without holiday. I was exhausted and angry about the idea that I could not escape of the office and go away to enjoy the sun and the beach. But at end of the month working hard, I obtained such a good results that I understood something about how important is August.

Because I believe that 'ambition' is not predicated on words, is actually predicated on actions, August is a month to take the advantage, work in what matters, analize the performance soo far, prepare the Q4 and draft the strategy for 2018. It is such a interesting / important time and really pays off that since 2014 I decided to never more take holidays on August and just work hard the whole month.

It is simple, in September everybody will be stressed coming back to the routine but other ones will be just ready for the ACTION.  

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Monday, 31 July 2017

The improve of the European banking system - Eurozone Q2 2017 Report

The Eurozone has sustainable economic growth without the aid of credit increases, the public deficit is under control in most Eurozone countries—except Spain—and there is a large current account surplus.

Despite these positive indicators, the Italian banking crisis episode sent different signals about the European banking system. Fortunately, the European banking system is in a more solid position than it was two years ago, increasing the chances of successfully facing a crisis. The Italian and Portuguese banking systems are concerning: both are undercapitalized compared to their European counterparts and have profitability problems that make private recapitalization unfeasible. The Spanish banking system, which is also undercapitalized, has enough revenue to autonomously increase the capital ratio.

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Source: UFM Market Trends


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Monday, 10 July 2017


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Desde el 2 hasta el 8 de Julio, con 1000m de elevación, el desafío de 342km #RetoPedaEla '6-Days Lull Gillen 2017' puso a prueba mi resistencia con un impresionante reto solidario.

Montar alrededor de Luxemburgo, desde las 'Tierras rojas' en el sur a la región vinícola en el este de Luxemburgo, desde el oeste al norte cruzando Francia y Bélgica. El "6-Days Lull Gillen 2017", un evento ciclista clásico que celebró la 22ª edición, fue el lugar para un desafío personal para promover la investigación contra la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica (ELA).

¡Que semana!

He cubierto un número de algunas etapas de dos días, pero nunca antes de un Rally durante una semana. Del 2 al 9 de julio pasé mis días entre la oficina y el bycle, comenzando cada viaje a las 5am y terminando a las 10pm. El desafío denominado "#RetoPedaELA 6-Days Lull Gillen 2017", quería revendicarse con el ciclismo, y en colaboración con una Asociación ( y una Fundación Miguel Valls de Cataluña (España) la promoción de la sensibilización y la recaudación de fondos para La investigación médica de la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica (ELA), una de las enfermedades más mortales, crueles e irreversibles en el mundo. Paraliza su cuerpo y mata en un promedio de 2 años. 

Fue difícil, pero fue un desafío emocionante en el que personas de todo el mundo participaron en su difusión. Compartiendo, comentando y usando las redes sociales para ampliar el desafío y la conciencia sobre la ELA.

Gracias a Hector y Alex de ya todos ustedes por su apoyo. Lo conseguimos y fue un éxito!

Espero que disfrute de las fotos, las pistas y por favor apoye la recaudación de fondos de la investigación médica de la Esclerosis Lateral Amiotrófica (ELA).




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Since the 2nd to the 8th of July, boasting 1000m of elevation, the 342km challenge #RetoPedaEla ‘6-Days Lull Gillen 2017’ tested my endurance with an awe-inspiring solidarity course.

Riding around Luxembourg, from 'Terres rouges' in the south to the wine region in the east of Luxembourg, from the west to the north acrossing France and Belgium. The ‘6-Days Lull Gillen 2017’, a classic cycling event that celebrated the 22nd edition, was the place for a personal solidarity challenge to promote the investigation against Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

What a week!

I’ve covered some stages of two days but never before a Rally during a week . From the 2nd to the 9th of July I spent my days between the office and the bicycle, starting each journey at 5am and finishing at 10pm. The challenge called ‘#RetoPedaELA 6-Days Lull Gillen 2017’ wanted to revendicate with the cycling, and in collaboration with an Association ( and a Foundation Miguel Valls from Catalonia (Spain) the promotion of the awareness and fundraising for the medical research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), one of the most lethal, cruel and irreversible diseases in the world. It paralyzes your body and kills in an average of 2 years.

It was hard but an exciting challenge full of emotions and in which people from all over the world was involved in its dissemination. Sharing, commenting and using the social networks to expand the challenge and the awareness about ALS.

Thank you to Hector and Alex from and to all of you for your support. We did it and it was a successful challenge.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, the tracks and please support the fundraising of the medical research of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).




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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Spain Q1 2017: The Spanish Inflation Threat // España T1 2017: La amenaza inflacionaria.

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Las perspectivas de crecimiento de la economía española son positivas, en un contexto de sano desapalancamiento del sector bancario que todavía no llega a su fin. El crédito nuevo aumenta, pero la inercia de las amortizaciones de hipotecas lo compensan.  El fuerte repunte de la tasa de inflación de los precios es una de las grandes novedades.

¿Será el primer aviso de las presiones inflacionarias que hacen peligrar la recuperación de la economía española?. UFM Market Trends nos desvela algunas de las claves de este primer trimestre de 2017 en España.

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The growth outlook of the Spanish economy is positive, against the backdrop of a healthy deleveraging of the banking sector which has not yet run its full course. New credit is increasing, yet the ceaseless repayment of home mortgages is canceling out this increase in new credit. A strong rise in the price inflation rate is one of the novelties.

Will the first indication of inflationary pressures put the recovery of the Spanish economy in danger?. UFM Market Trends show us the most relevant topics of this Q1 2017 in Spain.

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